Find here what happened when Hollywood touched down in Welwyn Garden City, where a haunted school for the deaf was sited, and what it was like to be a pioneer in the town's post war housing developments.

Page link: Girls Guides Celebration
Girls Guides Celebration
Guide Hut 85th Birthday
Page link: Stanborough park
Stanborough park
A relaxing spot with activities for all ages
Page link: The Coronation Fountain
The Coronation Fountain
Pink for a month
Category link: Churches
The ringing of church bells in Welwyn Garden City is forbidden.
Category link: Historic Houses
Historic Houses
Older houses in the area
Category link: Hospitals
"All my friends & I were wildly excited when the Queen came to open the QE II Hospital in 1963."
Category link: Housing
6,000 people buy their own home at knock-down prices.
Category link: Libraries
A Library has been in Welwyn Garden City since 1922
Category link: Pubs
Do you remember pub/rock groups in the 60s & 70s that went on to stardom?
Category link: Roads and streets
Roads and streets
Did you know that there is only one street in Welwyn Garden City.
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In Welwyn Garden City you can shop till you drop! :)