Sport and Leisure

Leisure takes many forms, apart from going to theatres and cinemas and playing sports. There is ample opportunity for walks in the area as the town was designed by Ebenezer Howard to be the perfect blend of city and nature.

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Well played the band
Cup won at Skegness
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Drama and Operatic Groups
Welwyn opera is just one of the groups that have performed in WGC
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Leisure and Tourist Attractions
Roller City, Sherrardspark Wood, Moneyhole Park and Welwyn Roman Baths
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Nightclubs and Music venues
Popular local venues
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From WGC's sporting past to our Olympic hopefuls
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Theatres and Cinemas
Welwyn Theatre, The Embassy, Barn Theatre and Campus West Cinemas
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WGC Library's Local Studies Collection
Events, displays and more.