Australians Commemorated in Digswell

Australian Officers who died in WW1

By Robert Gill

During World War One, many Australian officers who were injured in France were brought to Digswell House which was in use as a hospital. Following their recovery and a period of convalescence, they were sent back to the front, some 73 of whom were subsequently killed.    Their names are commemorated on a marble tablet inside St John’s Church, Digswell. Digswell House and St John’s Church, Digswell are to the north of present day Welwyn Garden City.

Photo:The Tablet in Memory

The Tablet in Memory

Robert Gill

Photo:Memorial to the Australian Officers

Memorial to the Australian Officers

Robert Gill

Photo:Names on the Memory Tablet

Names on the Memory Tablet

Robert Gill

Photo:Digswell House and adjacent St John's Church (1928)

Digswell House and adjacent St John's Church (1928)

Photo:Digswell House

Digswell House

Photo:Australian officers and nurses at Digswell House

Australian officers and nurses at Digswell House

Campus West Library

The names on the Memory Tablet:

Lt ColH.K.BeanA.A.M.C.LieutN.I.Delany102nd How.Bty
Lt ColF.D.W.Oatley65th BnLieutG.M.Dickens17th Bn
MajorF.W.ConnollyGen.ListLieutH.Ellis17th Bn
MajorB.D.Jack54th BnLieutW.K.Eltham1st Div.Art.
MajorJ.R.Metcalfe DSO, MCA.A.M.C.LieutJ.P.Ford1st Div.Art.
MajorF,H.Tubb VC7th BnLieutL.N.Gair
31st Bn
CaptainC.Arblaster53rd BnLieutJ.S.Gamble31st Bn
CaptainW.R.Aspinall MCA.A.M.C.LieutC.E.Garrard39th Bn
CaptainA.R.Bolton Wood20th BnLieutG.Heaton7th Bn
CaptainC.D'Arcy Irvine13th BnLieutW.I.Horne45th Bn
CaptainW.E.Danisch25th BnLieutN.I.Jackson29th Bn
CaptainI.R.Eddy1st Div.Art.LieutL.H.Kearney25th Bn
CaptainA.R.FoxA.A.M.CLieutT.H.Kennedy MC
38th Bn
CaptainW.H.Gartrell26th BnLieutM.Mc.L.Keshan
3rd Bn
CaptainJ.F.Herbert MC26th BnLieutL.W.Lane62nd Bn
CaptainR.K.Hibbs31st BnLieutA.M.Lilburne1st Div.Art.
CaptainH.C.King28th BnLieutJ.M.Lyons MC, MM17th Bn
CaptainL.J.Lenay11th BnLieutJ.W.Maunsell5th Bn
CaptainN.B.Lovett53rd BnLieutH.E.Minerd50th Bn
CaptainT.F.Miles5th Div.Art.LieutH.L.Montague4th Bn
CaptainJ.F.Nix25th BnLieutL.J.Moorhouse46th Bn
CaptainN.G.Pelton58th BnLieutH.E.Morrison MC5th Bn
CaptainA.T.Rogers MC32nd BnLieutA.H.Moss2nd Div.Art.
CaptainL.C.Roth MC2nd PioneersLieutE.C.New17th Bn
Chap.CaptainW.J.StevensA.C.DLieutW.J.S.G.Poole7th Bn
CaptainP.G.Towl DSO37th BnLieutP.F.H.Reed12th Bn
CaptainJ.M.Watson15th BnLieutJ.Roadknight37th Bn
CaptainH.Webber12th BnLieutV.I.W.Ross23rd Bn
Captain W.F.Wilmot52nd BnLieutF.G.Rowe5th Div.Art
LieutJ.A.Archibald11th BnLieutP.F.Ryan DCM2nd Bn
LieutR.Blanchard22nd BnLieutF.R.Sinclair MC7th A&S High.
LieutF.R.Brook43rd BnLieutF.O.Twomey54th Bn
LieutA.Brown49th BnLieutP.F.M.Vowels MC11th Bn
LieutL.Brunton10th A.F.A.LieutD.I.Walsh MC10th Bn
LieutN.Campbell3rd Tun.Coy.LieutJ.Whittle48th Bn
Lieut L.Davies53rd Bn2/LtG.C.Holt1st Bn

2/LtI.Moss11th Bn

From The Argus (an Australian newspaper), October 15, 1921

 Memorial to Australians.

LONDON, Oct. 14.

Major-General Sir H-B. Walker, who served with the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force; from 1914 to 1918, and with the British Expeditionary Force in France, un-veiled yesterday a marble tablet erected by Australians in the parish church of Digswell, Hertfordshire, to the memory of 73 Australian officers who were patients in hospital there, and who afterwards died on active service.

St John’s Church has an Australian Flag which was presented by General Sir W Birdwood. The Plaque (below) commemorates this event. 

Photo:Australian flag presented to St John's Church by Gen. Sir W Birdwood

Australian flag presented to St John's Church by Gen. Sir W Birdwood

Robert Gill


Photo:Commemorative plaque

Commemorative plaque

Robert Gill

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