Welwyn Garden City in Vibrant Colours

MP. aged 10


I enjoy living in Welwyn Garden City because of all the vibrant colours.

The pink fountain is a welcoming sight which glistens in the dappled sunlight. The tangled, towering trees are delightful and the scenery is thoroughly relaxing. The one thing that I loathe is the plastic on the streets and I firmly believe that we should make a change.

The perfect town would be where the sunlight strains to touch the rippling lakes, where sick heal and where the homeless have care.

I love the fact that we have a library where everyone can enjoy books and be transported into different worlds of adventure. I enjoy the vast range of sporting clubs including rugby, cricket and badminton which stretch your sporting abilities. The clubs encourage good behaviour while having a wonderful time. My favourite part about Welwyn Garden City is that we all get our rights, whether it is free education or anything else because we are all one community.

(MP, age 10)


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