Welwyn Garden City: What I love most

LP aged 11


It is amazing to be growing up in such a peaceful and welcoming community and area.

There are so many memories that I have made throughout my life so far in Welwyn Garden City that I will surely treasure. There are so many brilliant aspects of this area but I do have some favourites. What I love most about living in this town is the community and all the times where lots of people from all around the town gather together to listen to music or to see the Christmas lights go on, for example. I also enjoy the masses of greenery all around the town. It is wonderful to be only minutes away from green space to meet up with friends and family or just to have some space to yourself. The only thing that takes away from the stunning greenery is the litter that people leave around.

As a young girl, I am not fully aware of the things like construction of housing in Welwyn Garden City. From what I do know, I am not sure I agree that it is a good idea to destroy the factory considering it was a way of connecting to the town’s history and it was one of the only things that was left untouched from the town’s past.

My perfect town that I would love to live in when I grow up would be a small town. Somewhere near the coast and cliffs so to be able to connect with nature always. The reason I would like to live in a small town is because everyone knows everyone and we are all connected in some way. Also, it means that there will always be someone to help you with a job or looking after children or pets. Also, I would love for there to always be something going on so there isn’t an opportunity to be bored.

(LP, age 11)

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