Pictures of Welwyn Garden City

Various photos of the old Garden City.

By George Boston

1956 - The car park by the railway on Stonehills, and behind it was Munts (the cycle shop). .
The Campus with Welwyn Stores to the right - 1972.
Parkway, Howardsgate, Stonehills, Longcroft Lane & the Train Station - 1959.
Parkway, Howardsgate, Stonehills, Welwyn Department Stores, The Campus with the Train Station - 1962
The Town Centre (Welwyn Stores, Howardsgate etc) and Parkway - 1964
The old Welwyn Stores in 1938,
Peartree Primary School in 1930.
1959 - near the top left hand corner is what is now Stanborough School, and the old Garden City Grammar School where I was for 5 years. Amongst the trees and grassland is the swimming pool.
30.6.1952 - This is Stanborough Road and Stanborough Lane, plus Parkway extending to the left hand corner with the Grammar School slightly showing in the bottom left. I used to cycle this way after school to see my mum at Welwyn Department Stores up Parkway, admiring the quite rich looking semi-detached houses.
July 1956 - the Royal Exchange Assurances offices on Bridge Road where Mum worked for a year.
1920s - Valley Road, where Alice Coe lived.

Here are a few photos from my parents’ photo albums of the 1960s and 1970s – I don’t know they had a photo of the old Welwyn Stores but there we go!

A lot of them is how I remember the old Garden City, especially the old train station where I used to get on a train to Stevenage then to Hertford. I worked at Welwyn Department for 6 years (1961 to 1967) and I certainly remember it!

I find it miraculous they’ve survived so well, so just a few more memories for you all to ponder over. Happy browsing 🙂

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  • Yes Robert, I am aware nobody called it a train station then but I decided to at a touch of modernization in the article.

    By George Boston (07/10/2015)
  • Thanks for these interesting photos, George.

    One carping point:  in 1959 nobody would have called it a train station;  it was a railway station then.   People are very busy now, so saving a syllable must be a godsend!

    By Robert Oakhill (26/09/2015)