Listed Buildings in Welwyn Garden City

Grade II Listed Buildings

By Robert Gill

The Old Cottage
Robert Gill

Welwyn Garden City has 25 Listed Buildings details of which can be found on the Historic England web site. They are all Grade 2 listed ranging in age from the 16 Century and include a mix of residential, office, agricultural, a school and one church. A summary of the buildings are as follows:


  • 1 – 4 Digswell Park Road
  • 26 Pentley Park
  • 82 – 102 Knightsfield
  • 83 – 103 Knightsfield
  • 104 – 124 Knightsfield
  • 105 – 125 Knightsfield
  • Attimore Hall, Ridgeway
  • Backhouse Room, Handside Lane
  • Bailiff’s Cottage, Digswell Park Road
  • Digswell Arts Centre, Monks Rise
  • Digswell Lodge, Digswell Rise
  • Digswell Place, Rectory Road
  • Digswell Railway Viaduct, Digswell
  • Granary and Barn at Attimore Hall, Ridgeway
  • Handside Farm House, Barn Close
  • Holwell Hyde Farm House, Holwell Hyde Lane
  • Ludwick Corner, 16 Beehive Green
  • Ludwick Hall, Hall Grove
  • Office Block (Buildings 1 to 4) to Roche Products Factory, Broadwater Road
  • Templewood School, Pentley Park
  • The Barn Theatre, Handside Lane
  • The Beehive Public House, Beehive Lane
  • The Nabisco Shredded Wheat Factory, Bridge Road
  • The Old Cottage, 39 Bridge Road
  • The Parish Church of St John, Monks Rise


Go to Historic England Welwyn Garden City Listing pages for further details.

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