A Nursery Nurse in WGC

I trained at Ludwick Nursery School

"We used to walk with them - sometimes 4 in a pram - down to the farm to see the cows at the Vineyards."
Anne W.

This Memory was donated to the Welwyn Garden Heritage Trust by Pauline V. The extract below and the audio clip are part of a longer interview. Born in Codicote she went to St Mary’s Secondary Modern in Welwyn until she was 14.

“I wanted to do nursing and I couldn’t until I was 18 so I went into nursery nursing and trained to do this at Ludwick Nursery School which was just changing over from a day nursery to an Nursery School – it has been a day nursery during the War and I stayed there to do my  training until about 1948 and I moved again to baby training at a day nursery in Church Road which is now Sainsbury’s car park… I stayed there until I got married… and came to live in WGC in 1951 and  stayed  at Church Road until I had my sons in 1953 – then I packed up working. I had two other children and didn’t go back to work. Quite well known people in WGC were the Bowmers and they ran the Mid Herts Nursery School Association and they were starting up new nursery schools  around WGC but they were voluntary aided. The Bowmers were very social sort of people, I first met his wife at the Family Planning Clinic and she knew I was  a nursery nurse and they were looking for one so I went back to work for them at the Ludwick Family Club which was down near the Ludwick Arms and this was in 1964.”

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  • A lovely statement. How wonderful for me to read the life of a Nursery Nurse in those days. I trained at Ware college 82-85 and my 3 children went to Ludwick Nursery. Thank you. Carol Bowes

    By Carol Bowes (02/08/2012)
  • Wonderful to read statements from ordinary people who describe their experiences for all to share. Loved the photographs too. Thank you all so much.

    By Mrs Julia Park (17/05/2011)