Playing Outdoors

The sandwasher and the River Lea

The sandwasher
Gordon S.
The River Lea c.1946
Gordon S.
The River Lea in Winter c.1946
Gordon S.
Playing on the sandwasher and swimming in the River Lea

This memory was donated to the Welwyn Garden Heritage Trust via it’s Where Do You Think You Live? project by Gordon S. The extracts below are taken from a interview in November 2010 as is the audio clip.

Gordon was born at home in Knella Road in 1929. His parents moved to WGC in 1926 and his father worked on the railway. “…a number of railway families came to the town then because they had privileged fares so commuting was very cheap and… council homes were readily available.”

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  • Hey! I remember the gravel pit. In the 1940’s we used to ride the little trucks down the slope and spill out at the bottom. Why did nobody die? Later it was a home guard assault course, where we assaulted each other. Happy days.

    By Jon Westoby (25/04/2011)