Memories of snowy days in WGC

By Kristine

One of my favourite memories of Welwyn Garden City is of a snowy few days in December the year before last. As school was shut due to the weather, my friend Caitlin and I decided to use the time productively(ish!) and build a snowman in the town centre. We had started just messing around in the snow, but after around two hours of freezing but enjoyable work we had completed a snowman (and dog) on Parkway. 

It was pretty cold but it was lovely to see that our efforts made people smile as they trudged through the snow from work or Christmas shopping. And when we had the next day off school too…well, we couldn’t resist building another, this time on one of the benches near the entrance to John Lewis. The third snowman was built even closer to Christmas, and with this in mind we decided to take inspiration from the jolly red-coated man himself!

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