Growing up in Welwyn Garden City

Husband and wife talk about their experiences

By WGCHT/ Matija Miljanic

Growing up in WGC

Names: Bill and Paula E.

Subject: Informal play and model airplanes

Duration: 5:57

Interview date: c2016

Paula describes her experiences while growing up in Goblins Green. They all played on the street and enacted plays in their yards. She describes first experiences with bikes and cars in WGC. Her spouse Bill talks about his childhood passion, model airplanes.

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  • Paula & Bill’s talk reminded me of my childhood, between the ages of 18months and 21 years I lived in Bythe Mount, also one of the cul-de-sacs off Broadwater Road. We called these cul-de-sacsĀ  “Courts” Creswick Court, Goblins Green, Edgars Court, Athelstan Walk. So many memories, the difficult years before the war, the war years, the VE and VJ parties, girls from neighbouring houses walking out in their wedding dresses to the cars to take them to church and everyone in “The Court” standing on their steps watching them.

    By Joan Wray (27/11/2016)