Ludwick Boys Club - Welwyn Garden City

Audio recording.

By WGCHT/ Matija Miljanic

Name: John Page

Subject: Ludwick Boys Club

Duration: 8:44

Interview date: c2016

John Page talks of his time with the Ludwick Boys Club which he joined just a year after its founding in 1955. Club was ran by Arthur Mellard, who was helped by Paul Webster and David Steed. Ludwick House had a games room with chess, table tennis and billiards, and the sports hall had a football field for 6 a side games also used by the athletic group. Football was the most important matter at the club, as the 11 a side games were played at the King George V Playing Fields versus their rivals from the Peartree Boys club. According to John, Ludwick was bigger than Peartree at the end. He talks of inter club meetings with the East London Youth Club and trips to the Hatfield Breaks, music nights with a jukebox and a local table tennis league. John met his wife in this club.

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  • Ludwick Boys Club introduced Judo in the mid 1960s. One of the members, Geoff Phillips, of Boundary Lane became the British Under 15 Champion. The event was held at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Bill Gaskins was the Judo Instructor.

    By Bill Gaskins (26/05/2021)