'Mackies' Boys Club

Audio recording of experiences of being in Mackies


Experiences of ‘Mackies’ Boys Club in Welwyn Garden City which was well known for boxing. Mackies was the name given to St Francis Boys Club which was run by a Mr Mackness. As well as St Francis Church hall, they also used Handside Hall and Applecroft school. The audio recording also includes experiences of 4th Welwyn Garden City Scout Troop.

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  • Brilliant memories! I attended Mackies in the early/mid 1950s. I still have a photo taken by the Herts Times(?) of me flying over the top of the box on one of the display days. Loved the camping in California near Gt Yarmouth and well remember 11 of us kids getting into Mackies Rover for a trip to the chippies. Fond memories, thanks. Brian Jenkins.

    [The newspaper may have been the Herts Mercury. Ed.]

    By Brian Jenkins (16/04/2020)
  • Mackies used to hold 2 evening sessions a week, one gymnastics and one boxing.
    It also held a 21 day camp in California
    near Great Yarmouth every summer.

    By William Watts (02/12/2019)