Welwyn Garden City Society

Ebenezer Howard’s vision of a Garden City was one that would combine the benefits of living in a town with those of living in the country. It would be a place in which people would both live and work in beautiful surroundings; in a city that would not only be a ‘city in a garden’ but also a ‘city of gardens’ and an example of good civic design and architectural harmony.

The Welwyn Garden City Society exists to defend these ideals on which the town was built.

For more information about the society, visit their website by clicking here.

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  • I lived in Hollybush Lane next to the church, from 1954 when the house was built,my dad was a postman there for 25yrs he was affectionly known as Timber Woods.I left home in1974 due to the council not having anywhere for me to live when I married.But what a great place grow up in,great memories indeed.

    By Alan Woods (06/11/2015)
  • I lived in Welwyn garden City (Mill Green, Little Gannet, Ethelred Close) in the early 60’s to 1976. Best time of my life & would be back there now if I could afford the house prices! Many of my family still live there & I visit as often as I can.

    By Gary Pollard (19/05/2015)