21 & 25 High Oaks Road, Particulars of Two Country Residences

Susan Hall

Cover of the sales brochure
Pamphlet file, Hertfordshire Arxhives and Local Studies
Artisit impression of the look of the house
Pamphlet file, Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
21 High Oaks Road, Ground Floor plan
Pamphlet file Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
25 High Oaks Road, ground floor plan
Pamphlet file, Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
First floor plan for both houses in High Oaks Road
Pamphlet file, Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
Second floor plan for both houses in High Oaks Road
Pamphlet file, Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
Artist impression, drawing of Kitchin
Pamphlet file, Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
Artist impression, drawing of the Scullery
Pamphlet file, Hertfordshire Archives and Loacl Studies
OS map XXVII.11 1923, showing High Oaks Road, but not yet named
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
OS map XXVIII.11 showing High Oaks Road 1938
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
Close up of the junction of High Oaks Road and Dognall Close, OS map XXVIII.11 1938
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
Road Plan for 21 and 25 High Oaks Road
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies UDC/21/77/133 16 April 1924
Floor plans and elevations for 21 and 25 High Oaks Road
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies UDC21/77/133 16 April 1924
Construction details 21 and 25 High Oaks Road
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies UDC/21/77/133 16 April 1924
Construction details 21 and 25 high Oaks Road
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies UDC/21/77/133 16 April 1924
Photo of one of the houses as per the plans in High Oaks Road, c1926
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies, Library photo collection

The following sales brochure was found in the Welwyn Garden City pamphlet files at Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies, with very detailed information concerning  number’s 21 and 25 High Oaks Road:

Welwyn Garden City is a unique new country town standing just off the ancient highway – the Great North Road – connecting London to the important strongholds of the Midland Counties and the North of England.

Twenty-one miles separates it from King’s Cross, and a frequent service of trains (30 trains a day both ways) renders it for the business man and most attractive town anywhere north of London in which to reside.

This country town lies surrounded by the most perfect unspoilt country within fifty miles radius of London; Welwyn, Digswell, Wheathampstead, Knebworth and Stevenage form part of its immediate envirnments; yet every modern urban advantage in the form of main drainage, gas, water, electric light, good roads, street lighting, are found in being.

Perfect air for children is assured by its height, 300 to 400 feet above sea level, and magnificent views are obtained in all directions from all parts of the town.

every sport and recreation is provided. Fine Golf Course on the highest part of the Estate, and Hard Tennis Courts as good as can be found anywhere, furnish every scope. Within easy distance are the Golf Courses at Hatfield, Harpenden, Hertford, Broxbourne, St Albans, Wheathampstead, Knebworth. The fishing in the trout streams of the Lea and on the south and north of the Estate respectively, is yet another sporting attraction

The maintenance of the rural character of the town is assured by the creation of an agricultural belt around the Estate.

It is seldom that a house of the size of those described in this brochure is built in these days, unless under the specific order of a client; yet how much more convenient it is, and what a great saving of trouble to him, to be able to look at such a house in being and to realise exactly what he is purchasing. To know that its inclusive cost is £2,950, and to see the definite completed article, is an experience which it is difficult to meet elsewhere.

Two delightful residences of this character have been designed in true Georgian style by messrs. Louis de Soissons, F.R.I.B.A., S.A.D.G., and Arthur W Kenyon, F.R.I.B.A., embodying the most satisfactory features of modern design, and incorporating the requirements of the family man of moderate means, together with every proved labour-saving devise and contrivance known at the present time. Such in every respect are the two houses which have been erected at the corner of Dognall Green and High Oaks Road, overlooking the unspoilt country of rural Hertfordshire.

The construction, quality of workmanship and finish given to every detail is of the highest that thought, energy and labour can produce.

The illustrations and plans given would be inadequate alone to describe the many advantages and conveniences with out some verbal description.


The spacious Entrance Hall.

17′ X 10’8″ with surround and pediment over to front entrance door. The saircase has been very carefully designed and gives a most pleasing effect. The Hall is heated by radiator. On the left of the Hall is provided a Cloak Room fited with lavatory basin (h. & C.) and W.C. Two-way switching is provided to Staircase.

Drawing Room.

23 ‘X 13’ with 5 windows to the North, South and West; inglenook special type fireplace, with glazed whitewood cupboards in the recesses, occupy part of the West wall, and over the mantel-shelf is the fifth window, looking out on views of perfect country, forming an unusual and unique feature. A Radiator is provided for additonal heating, and four electric light points are placed on wall to admit of electric candle lamps and one electric plug.

Dining Room.

17′ X 11′ with large bay 9′ 6″ X 4′ 6″ leading on to Garden through French Windows. The Floors and all woodwork throughout are of Oak and a serving hatch connects with kitchen. Heated by radiator, and a convertable coal or gas fire with glaxed tile and wood mantel surround is provided. An electric plug is provided in addition to electric lighting point.


12′ 3″ X 10′ 7″ leading from the Hall and overlooking front garden. Most useful room as Library of Study, being secluded from the rest of house. Heated by radiator, and a convertable coal or gas fire with tiled surround is provided. An electric plug is provided in addition to lighting point.


13′ X 11′ Red tiled floor. Well lighted, conveniently planned and fitted with specially – designed dresser 11 feet long, covering the whole of the western wall. An Illustration of this fitting is more adiquate, on this case, than words to give a correct idea, and this is seen above. Besides this, a dry store cupboard with ample shelving is provided. A No1 Cookanheat Range fitted for cooking and providing domstic hot water.


11′ X 8′ 6″ red tiled floor fitted with every necessity for domestic use as follows:-

Cupboard for vegetables, &c.

Plate racks over draining boards.

Doulton’s deep sink 30″ X 18″ X 10″ and teak draining boards

Parinson Gas Cooker, complete with plate rack.

A No 4 Ideal Classic Boiler supplying 9 Radiators

A illustration of the special combination of vegetable cupboards, sink and draining boards, plate racks, etc., is given above.


Fitted bench with shelves over.


Of ample size, red tiled floor, fitted stone slab and shelving over


Stores provided in two compartments

Servants W.C.

Servants’ W.C. leading off Porch to back entrance


Of a size 19′ X 10′, big enough for the largest car; built of brick walls boarded and tiled roof and concrete floor; fitted with electric light, water tap, hot water radiator, and pair of large double doors leading to road. Concrete apron is laid outside.



A wall radiator is provided for heating

West Bedroom (22′ X 13′)

The same size as the Drawing Room beneth, possessing the same number of windows and the same arrangement of the fire-place, with the central window overlooking out on to the country. It is a wonderful room with beautiful aspect. Two electric light points are placed on wall to admit of the fitting of electric candle lamps and one electric plug, together with pear switch with light over bed position. This bedroom is heated by rediator, and a slow combustion interior stove with glazed and mantel surrounds is provided.

South Bedroom (17′ X 11′)

Situate over the Dining Room and is of exactly the same dimensions, with large bay window, This room catches the morning sun and is very light and airy. An electirc plug is provided in addition to electric lighting point. A cupboard of ample dimentions is fitted between the chimney breast and partition wall. Heated by radiator, and slow combustion interior stove with glazed tile and mantel surround is provided.

South-East Bedroom

13′ X 11′. This bedroom has a corner fireplace, thus leaving plenty of wall space. It is fitted with a selected mantel register grate, Electric pear switch with light is fitted over position of bed.

Bachelor Bedroom

10′ 10½” X 7′ 4½”. Quite a cinvenient size, overlooking front garden. Fitted with gas fire, This bedroom can be used as a dressing-room, being near to Bathroom.


Of ample dimentions. Fitted with Shanks’ “Colonial” flat-roll porcelain enamel bath and “Ailsa” lavatory basin 27″ X 19″, also a nickel-plated hot water towel airer.

Separate W.C.

Adjoining Bathroom on east wall. Fitted with “Nisa” pedestal set, complete with low down white enamel cistern.


West top bedroom

16′ 8″ X 14′. This is a facinating room, almost square, with windows north and south giving dominating wonderful views of the country for miles. Provided with hot-water radiator.

South-West Top bedroom

12′ X 10′ 8″. Also possesses views to those of the larger bedroom on this floor


Fitted with Doulton’s porcelain enamel bath, and lavatory basin (25″ X 18″), and w.c.; provides the second bathroom, a feature seldom met with even in the most carefully-designed houses.

Linen Room

Fully fitted with ample shelving and constantly heated by hot-water coil. this is an excellent airing cupboard.


All woodwork and ironwork, internal and external, is painted. Interneal wall distempered.

The Gardens

Will be surrounded by road boundaries by a hedge of Cotoneaster and trees planted on the East boundary. Crazy paving will be laid to front entrance door, and front garden will be made up. Gravel path to back door and gravel drive with pair of entrance gates to Garage. A wicket gate will be provided to the front entrance. Posts and rails will be fixed, all painted white and filled in woven wire fencing. Back boundaries provided with woven fencing.


Clients wishing to see the house will be taken by car from the Estate Office, which is within one minute’s walk of the Welwyn Garden City Station. Those visiting by road should take the turning into the Estate 2½ miles north of Hatfield on the right.

Price, £2,950

Leasehold of 999 years

Area of site, No 21 150′ X 84′

No 25 150′ X 98′

Ground Rent. No 21, £20 per annum

25, £25 per annum

Possession can be given on completion of the purchase.

Arrangements can be made whereby part of the purchase money can be repaid over a period of years to suit purchaser’s convenience. For example:-.


15 YEARS                  20 YEARS

£550          £2,400              £246  0  0                     £200  0  0

£1,000      £1,950              £201  17  0                   £170  12  6

£1,450     £1,500              £154  10  0                   £131  5  0

The plans and particulars given in the brochure are subject to modification and must not be taken as the basis of any contract.

Hertfordshire Archive and Local Studies also have the original plans drawn up by Louis de soissons and Arthur Kenyon, dated 16 April 1924, which show where in High Oaks Road the houses are situated and also what they are constructed of.

The 1926 Welwyn Garden City Directory gives Major Herbert Thomas  Jenkins as the first occupier of number 25 High Oaks Road along with his wife Margaret Wood Jenkins.

Major Jenkins was born in 1867 in Llandovey in Wales. His occupation on the 1911 census was Physician and Surgeon. He joined the Welsh Fusiliers and served during the First World War. He received his 1915 Star on 14 July 1914 with the rank of Captain and was gazetted as tempoary Major on 17 August 1915. He was shot in his right arm whilst fighting in the Dardanelles. by the end of August 1915,  he was Gazetted as Major. He received his Victory and British medals on 20 June 1929.

He died on 10 October 1932 leaving a will to the sum of £3394, 2s to his wife Margaret.

Number 21 first appears in the Welwyn Garden City Directory in 1929, the occupant then being Captain Henry Casimir Smart and his wife Daisy Hope Smart.

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