Haunted Tales from Welwyn Garden City

By Luke Knights


When one thinks of Welwyn Garden City, haunted does not often come to mind. But this Halloween let us explore four frightful tales of supernatural happenings within the Garden City.

The land upon which Welwyn Garden City was built holds many macabre secrets. Where Guessens Court now stands a feudal tale of infidelity, murder and revenge begs to be told. Medieval knight, Richard Whyte, kept a mistress in an old farmhouse that once stood in Guessens Court. Discovering his betrayal, Richard’s wife razed the farmhouse to the ground with the mistress still inside. Blinded by rage Whyte decapitated his wife. He would face no repercussions for this heinous murder, being pardoned by royal decree for previous loyal service. To this today, there has been reports of a woman haunting the grounds of Guessens Court.[1]

Our second tale takes us to Tewin Water House. It is said that the place is haunted by own time owner Lady Cathcart. Her ghost is seen gliding among the trees and in one particular room of the house.[2]

In 1995, it was reported that a former worker of the Cottage Public House that as he left one night he felt an unknown entity jab him in the ribs. Swinging around he discovered no one to be behind him.[3]

Looking to the skies above Welwyn Garden City, in 1992 two friends spotted a triangular UFO hovering above one of the towns lakes. The friends report the craft tilted upwards before vanishing before them, following their close encounter the friends made a hasty retreat home.[4]

Happy Halloween!



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