Harwood Hill Special Choir LP recorded 3rd May 1971

Darren Harte

Did you take part in the recording of this LP? This was obtained from former Harwood Hill teacher Mary Dominey.

Recorded back in May 1971, it involved many people from the school including Mark Richards, Judy Turner, Neil Kocks. I managed to locate Deborah Albins on social media who has fond memories of the recording.

Deborah recalls the LP recording being co-ordinated by Mr. Bromley and is fairly certain of it taking place at the school hall. Harwood Hill School Choir also performed at All Saints Church in Hertford where Mr. Bromley was the choirmaster.

If you took part in the recording or can remember other records being recorded at the school, please leave a comment.


Harwood Hill School

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  • Omg,I have been looking for Harwood hill /Maron infant school for absolutely years!!!

    If anyone has any information or thoughts about either school I’d love to hear from you.
    I was at school from 1973/4 to 1981.
    My teacher’s were Ms Whatkiss, Ms Dominic ,Mr Hore, Mr Barker and Mrs shepherd.

    By Vivienne Pullin (Broadbent) (25/06/2023)
  • I can confirm that the recoding was undertaken at the school hall by Brian Bromley & that I was fortunate to be a soloist twice on the record.
    I also have my mums copy of the record at home.
    Best regards to all.
    Neil Kocks.

    By Neil Kocks (02/11/2021)