Jenny Begg: Former Welwyn Garden City Maths Teacher

Carolyn Shannon

Mrs. Begg was a maths teacher from Scotland who moved to the Welwyn Garden City area in 1982 when her husband’s job moved south. She decided to live in Welwyn Garden City after looking out the window of her train ride from Scotland to London and seeing the green spaces as she passed by. Later one trip she got off at Welwyn Garden City and she sat outside of Halford’s in the town centre and listened to the people walking by and thought this would be the place to set up home. Of course, the quick links to transport into London for her husband’s job and the train links from Stevenage to Scotland made it an ideal place to stay.

She began volunteer tutoring at Commonswood School before working as a supply teacher at a few other locations. There was a big demand for maths teachers at the time, so she had her choice of job assignments. In the end she chose to work at Sir Frederic Osborn School for over six years. She then went on to work at Tewin Water School for the deaf where she learned sign language and found her interest in Audiology. This lead to a career change for Mrs. Begg when she moved to Addenbrookes Hospital working with hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Mrs. Begg goes on to talk about what she likes about living in Welwyn Garden City and some of the social East/West divides in the town that she hopes will change over time. Now in retirement Mrs. Begg volunteers with Hertfordshire Hearing Advisory Service retuning NHS hearing aids for the community in a clinic and at residential homes or private homes. There are many other aspects of the town that she enjoys in her retirement being a member of several societies and organizations with her friends.

Jenny Begg Interview by Darren Harte at Campus West on 7 March 2020.

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