Joe Beaton Ltd.

Bernard Hulland

I recently found the attached video on YouTube about the building of Heathrow Airport, released by the Crown Film Unit in 1949 and titled “London Airport”.

Starting at 2:23, there is a short sequence showing hedges being grubbed up by a bulldozer carrying a nameplate reading “Joe Beaton Ltd. Welwyn Garden City, Herts. Tel. Hatfield 2425”.

Anybody remember or have any knowledge about this firm? And why the Hatfield phone number? Did WGC not have it’s own numbers in the late 1940’s?


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  • Hi, Joe Beaton born 1910 was a Canadian ice hockey legend. He came to England in the 1930’s to play professional ice hockey with Richmond Hawkes ( captain ). His name appears in the ice hockey hall of fame. He married the daughter of Jack Olding Norma Constance Olding ( born 1921 ) in 1941 in Hatfield. They had two children.

    By kenneth Blackmore (07/01/2024)
  • Joseph Bernard Beaton was born in Nova scotia in 1910. At some point he travelled to England and settled in and around Harrow. In 1939, he was living in Harrow at the home of Jack Olding, importer of Agricultural & Earthremovers, and Caterpillar Tractors. Joseph married Jack’s daughter shortly after WWII began. Jack Olding’s business in Hatfield became a local landmark with its tall tower and clock which stood next to a main roundabout leading to WGC. Joseph looks to have started a bulldozer company alongside his father-in-law.

    By Rae Fairbairn (28/10/2023)
  • The link I provided doesn’t seem to work any more, but the video is still available on You Tube – try searching “London Airport Heathrow Construction Film”

    By Bernard Hulland (19/10/2022)
  • Thank you for letting us know Bernard! I’ve updated the link. Best, Luke

    By Luke Knights (20/10/2022)