Lorna Sanson: A new life a new home

Sonia Sanson

Falling in Love with Welwyn Garden City

My mum and dad have lived in Welwyn Garden City since 1960, they arrived in England from Jamaica in 1956. My mum was initially living in Hemel Hempstead  and was travelling on a bus to Welwyn Garden City to meet my dad. My mum recalls when she got as far as the Cherry Tree pub , back then a bar and restaurant, she saw the “Cherry blossoms were out and I just fell in love with the town”

Working and Living

My dad was working for Infrared in Tewin road,  in Welwyn Garden City, however, he was living in London and would regularly commute from Harringay to Welwyn Garden City by train. My mum and dad did not like the idea of living in London and they were determined to make Welwyn Garden City their home.

My dad applied to the Welwyn Garden City Development Corporation for a house, after a 3 year wait and the birth of my brother, my mum and dad were offered their house in 1960. My mum and dad have remained in the same house.

When my mum and dad moved into their house they were part of the first phase of new houses being built in Knightsfield. My mum and dad have seen over the years the many developments of Welwyn Garden City. My mum has always felt  from the number of people  she has met over the years they have been friendly and made her feel at home, especially in the early years, when there were very few black people living in  Welwyn Garden City.

What my mum loved and still loves about living in Welwyn Garden City, is “The peacefulness of everything, you know the…it’s so quiet, you haven’t got that distraction, like living in London, the noise , the fumes or traffic, I just like the countryside, that’s why, it reminded me more of Jamaica, with the open space”.

Interview  between Darren Harte and Lorna Sanson over the phone on 5th August 2020. 

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  • Hi Sonia,
    This is a wonderful piece to read about your parents. I miss seeing you and Lorna, and talking about life and art.
    I hope all is going as well for you all as possible,
    Best Wishes,
    Sonya C

    By Sonya Chenery (12/11/2021)