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By Peter Cochrane

I’m very ready to swap memories of ” the early days ” now I have arrived at that point in my life.

Born— 1930 Hatfield Hyde.

Lived in Hatfield Lower Hyde until 1937 when forced to move into the Garden City, at 127 Salisbury Rd. 

Son of ‘Cochrane Coal’ family. Loaded & carried coal around the city until conscription saved me in 1948.

Schools— Ludwick ( Miss Bradshaw ) Peartree , Handside (Mr Bates, Mr Smith, Mr Small & Miss McKechney) Hatfield Tech. etc.

My family was from Handside ( Halsey’s ), Lemsford ( Cochrane’s ), Cromer Hyde ( Fowlers & Boons )

Have many vivid memories of those days !Lived abroad since 1963.

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  • I wonder if you are the same Peter Cochrane who went to the YMCA Youth Club at the bottom of Ludwick Way in the mid 1940’s I was a member of the club until it closed very suddenly and unexpectedly and I then went to the Trevelyan House Youth Club in Church Road

    By Joan Wray (nee Punter) (14/02/2017)
  • Hi Peter

    Keep putting comments to you but they are not published for some reason, so having another go. Please can you give me your email address. I would love to tell June I found you. She is very frail now.


    By Sue Hicks (11/03/2015)
  • Hi Peter, do you have an email address?


    By Sue (09/03/2015)
  • Hi Peter

    She used the surname Fiddler or Robertson. I remember you well. You bought tickets for me to see the Beatles. Do you remember the dog next door biting you on the bum, so funny. June is not well now but she remembers you fondly and looked for you for many years. Where do you live now, June lives in san Francisco.


    By Susan Hicks (02/03/2015)
  • Hello Susan

    Yes I am most probably that man.What was June’s surname as a girl ?

    Peter C


    By peter cochrane (27/01/2015)
  • Hi Peter Please can you let me know if you are the same Peter Cochrane who was a friend of my sister June’s in Peartree Lane. Please can you contact me if so. Thanks

    By Susan (31/07/2013)

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