Roland Page: Early Memories

By Roland Page

This is what happens when one idly looks for one’s home town using Google.

I am the elder son of Fred and Rita Page. I was born in 1924 – delivered by Gladys Miall Smith – in one of the early houses in Handside Lane. She also delivered my younger brother in 1927. As our much loved family GP, Dr Miall Smith also took out my tonsils in the old Cottage Hospital.

I spent a fairly short time at Applecroft School, but finished my schooling in Saffron Walden.

The war was on when I finished school and so I went up north to do my University education – Manchester. It got bombed just as badly as London.

When I finished my degree, I was called up into the RAF where I trained to become an Inspector of Explosives. I was then sent overseas to the “Middle East”.

At the end of my stint in the RAF in 1948, I set sail for Auckland NZ, and here I have remained for over 60 years.

It is always a pleasure to make contact with my old home and to read about, hear and see stuff about my old (much loved) home.

I wonder if my parents’ old home is still standing. It was 19 Elmwood.

Regrettably I have no photos of my past.

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