My Home Town

Poetic Memories

Beryl Scott


My Home Town – by Beryl Scott

Having been born and bred in Welwyn Garden

With Flora Robson, Dinah Sheridan, and Edmond Purdom

Flora would work the shifts at the Shredded Wheat

When coming home from holiday I would smell it so sweet

My Mum and her brothers were born in Hatfield Hyde

They would walk to a farm for their milk with pride,

I remember seeing the remains of their old school

In King George V playing field in which there was a pool.

As a girl our milk was delivered by horse and cart

Our bread was brought round by Harry and sometimes jam tarts,

Injured in the war he had a glass eye and only one hand

Us kids would sometimes get a ride in his van.

My family and I attended the Howard School

The site has now got new houses going right through.


Reproduced by kind permission of Beryl Scott,  First published in 2006.

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  • My father did the bread round with Harry in his van – Harry was his uncle.

    By Deborah Oughtibridge (08/03/2017)