By Margaret Callow

I am trying to fill in gaps in my family tree. According to my mother’s birth certificate, she was born in 1922 whilst the family lived at Ayot Green. Her brother, my uncle was born a year earlier. My grandfather’s occupation was given as Foreman Carpenter and so far the trail to find out anything about him has been without success. I have always wondered if searching for work brought him and my grandmother to Hertfordshire from Shrewsbury and he might have been employed on the building of the new Garden City at Welwyn.

Would anyone know who the firm of builders might have been or know of any records of the time? Thank you.

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  • Hi – In the 1920s all (or almost all) the cottages around Ayot Green were owned by the Brocket Hall Estate, and the occupants were employees of the estate. There’s still a sawmill on Ayot Green, although I’m not sure that a “master carpenter” would have worked at a sawmill. More likely he was employed by the estate to maintain their own properties. If you like to post the family name that interests you, I will see if I can find any more information. There’s a whole page of photos of Ayot Green (which is part of Ayot St Peter) on the main Herts Memories website.

    By V Richards (01/04/2014)