Great Ganett

Moving in August 1953

By Roger Filler

Ganett area, Summer 1952. The Hertford/Dunstable rail line can clearly be seen and there is engine smoke in the distance. Shredded Wheat can be seen, as well as the prefabs of the Wellcroft area. The top end of Great Ganett that Mrs Lloyd describes is still a year away from being finished.
Welwyn Garden City Library

Barbara Lloyd and her husband Vernon, moved to Welwyn Garden City from Maida Vale in London in August 1953, and into the top end of Great Ganett.

“My husband worked for Welwyn Builders so we got a house quite easily. Coming from central London we thought we really had moved into the countryside. All around us were fields, that later would be developed.”

“When I first saw the shell of our house there were no windows fitted. I said to my husband, These are surely shop fronts, not houses, the window frames were so big.”

“Most of the top end of Great Ganett moved into their new homes at the same time and we thought of ourselves as pioneers. None of us had cars, though our next door neighbour did have a motor cycle and side car. There was no direct route into the town centre then, though we could catch a bus into Hertford.”

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