The demise of a Grand Old Tree

Great Dell

By Marian Thompson


Having moved out of London in the late 1960`s we were very glad to find a nice big tree near to our house.  

Sadly in June/July of 2009, the tree was to be demolished, slowly the poor old thing came down.  It had gone rotten, so a landmark in Great Dell Welwyn Garden City was no more!

This page was added on 16/12/2009.

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  • One of Louis de Soissons’ main ideas in WGC was to keep as many large, mature trees as possible. This certainly contributed to the town being such a pleasant place to walk round and live in.

    By Robert Oakhill (04/06/2020)
  • Marian, so sorry about the felling of this tree, what type of tree was it?

    By Jennifer McCann (17/12/2009)