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  • My Grandmother moved to Longcroft Lane, from Elsenham, Essex where her father owned the local pub.
    This would have been about 1924.
    When my mum was 20 she met my dad in London, he was originally from Co. Durham.
    They married & set up home in a council house in Shortlands Green, later moving to Longcroft Lane next door to my grandmother.
    We stayed in Longcroft although later moved further up, to a larger house.
    One of the first things my dad noticed on first arriving in the town, was that many of the roads were too narrow for busses, which is when he started up a taxi company that later became well known as Snowy’s Taxis.

    Gary Pollard, I remember you from Ethelred Close.

    By Kath Castle (24/09/2018)
  • My most favorite Aunt lived at Great Garnet, Bushey Ley, Haynes Close. These are old addresses I found recently 2017. She would take a ship to Canada 1952-53 to visit, & returned by ship sent postcards of her journey. She sent me English Rosebud dolls with hand knitted outfits. Then she disappeared and never heard from her again. Most family have since passed away so I have no way to research her past. I never knew where she lived until I found old address books. What a beautiful place. My next trip to England will include Welwyn Garden City Thanks for the website.

    By Corinne (21/03/2018)
  • We use to live in Bushey Ley (the old house is still there) between 1966-1974 and i had a school friend who lived in Great Gannet during that time and him and myself both attended Heronswood secondary school just off Heronswood Road between 1968-1972. Panshanger Wood i always thought that place was a bit spooky back in the late 1960s & early 1970s and kept away from it usually mind you that whole area along the Black Fan Road wasn’t developed back then and was a fairly lonely and a isolated area on the eastern edge of WGC. All along the Black Fan Road from the Cole Green Lane turning down towards Attimore Hall farm and Attimore secondary school at Panshanger was open farmland and one could see for several miles a clear and unobstructed view eastwards of only open fields and hedgerows and woods dotted here and there in the far distance.   

    By Michael S (29/08/2015)
  • I remember that too! Lived in Little Gannet in 1964/5 with my grandmother Ivy Punter & mum Irene Punter. Happy times … used to love walking in Panshanger Wood.

    By Gary Pollard (19/05/2015)
  • A feature of living in the eastside of WGC around the Great Ganetts, Little Ganetts, Bushey Ley & Cole Green Lane (east of the roundabout) areas was that during the 1960s & 70s it was a very common sight to see Tiger Moth bi-planes flying over the houses & gardens during most weekdays and at weekends that took off and landed at Panshanger Airfield.

    By Michael S (11/12/2012)