Expansion of Hatfield Hyde.

The Howlands estate.

By Steve Johnson

These five shops opened on Hollybush Lane in 1959.
Houses in Link Field & Middlefield - 1958.
Plan of Hatfield Hyde shops and amenities - 1960.
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  • We lived at 2 Linkfield from 1957 to 1965. We of course were the first family to live in the house as the estate was only completed in 1955. As the house was a corner site, we had the advantage of a large garden although it was pretty rough ground! I remember walking daily to the Creswick J M I School when it was opened the following year. The Hollybush shops were very handy. As a child, the land south of Boundary Lane was never developed. A farmer’s field? Yes, I do remember often walking on the path between Linkfield and Middlefield and also the large tree between both roads. Is it still there? A friend of mine (Graham Ottoway) who lived nearby, had a father who worked for ‘Fine Fare’. Adrian States.

    By Adrian States (27/03/2021)
  • I lived at 36 Middlefield from 1962 to the early 80’s when I left home.i remember playing on the small area of grass in the photo[between Linkfield and Middlefield]
    fond memories.

    By martin taylor (13/03/2017)
  • I always liked the area around the Hollybush shopping parade for some reason at the bottom of Hollybush Lane and the junction with the Howlands although we never lived in that part of WGC back in the mid/late 1960s & 1970s we lived on the East side of town off the Heronswood Road. Anyway we subsequently moved out of the town back in 1979 although I still have an eternal connection with the immediate area because my dad who died age 71 in May 1970 is buried in the very close by Hatfield Hyde cemetery so when I do visit the town which is on average about once a year I usually pay a visit to the cemetery to say ‘hello to dad’ then leave the cemetery and go and have a pint or two in the Hollybush pub on the end of the parade of shops. 

    By Michael S (04/05/2016)