The Beehive PH

By Roger Filler

The Beehive PH
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

As a pub The Beehive dates back to the middle of the nineteenth century, when it doubled as a general store, hence the name.

At the time of Welwyn Garden City’s founding in 1920 the landlord was William Swift and it served a small farming community who lived in that area of Hatfield Hyde. It was one of only two pubs on the estate, the other being The Woodman, (later The Chieftain).

The Beehive was the goal for many families when taking a Sunday stroll across the fields from the new houses around Handside Lane.

It remained a Whitbread pub for many years, and when I moved opposite the pub in 1983 it was still very much a traditional pub, with white clad walls, very similar to a lot of country pubs in the East of the country.

It became a Beefeater steak house when the The Cherry Tree became Waitrose and was extensively remodelled.

It was sold on to Charles Wells around five years ago.

Behind the pub is a wooden club house. I am not sure who runs it but I heard that the building was originally one of the huts purchased in 1920 when the whole business of running the town was conducted from several huts on what is now the Campus. I’d be interested to hear whether there is any truth in that.

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  • The pub was run by Whitbreads and the manager was John Bradwell in the 50’s and early 60’s.Eric was head barman and promoted when John was given another pub in london.The ugly green building was owned by Hatfield Hyde CC and replaced by the brick one in the early 70’s.The other sheds were where they kept chickens and some pigs I think.My mom worked there and would help feed them.I can remember being tucked beside the fireplace and given half a pint by my dad–Oh how times change!

    By Eric Goodwin (13/06/2015)
  • I thought the clubhouse behind the Beehive was Hatfield Hyde Cricket Club.

    By Anne Owen (27/03/2013)
  • Neil, I think the Landlords name was Eric. He was know as Eric the half a Bee after a Monty Python sketch

    By Stanley Evans (08/03/2012)
  • I remember Friday nights the Beehive was the haunt of many under age drinkers. I was attending heronswood. If the weather was nice we all used to hang around the tree in the front. As I say most of the people were underage, but I do not recollect and police involvement. It was a great pub with a great landlord 9I wish I could remember his name, it was late 60’s early 70’s). Oh and a pint of mild was 11d, all pre decimilisation. Happy days.

    By Neil Aldridge (05/03/2012)