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Book your appointment early

By Susan Hall

This was a advertisement that appeared in the Welwyn Times in December 1939. (See picture)

“Book your appointment early at this beautifully appointed ladies hairdressing salon.

Comfort and efficiency are assured in the quiet suite of fourteen beautifully appointed rooms, constructed and fitted up to the lines of a first class London establishment, on the first floor of Welwyn Stores.

An increased number of assistants, under Mr Strutt, are already to give advice on all matters relating to the treatment and dressing of the hair.


Shingling (first time)                                           2/-6

Bobbing (first time)                                            2/-6

Trimming                                                          1/-

Cutting and singeing (long hair)                           1/-6

Marcel waving                                                    2/-

Shampooing                                                      2/-

       “          Pine Tar                                         2/-

       ”          Henna                                            2/-

       “          Camomile                                       2/-

       “          Coca-nut oil                                    2/-

       “          Soapless                                        2/-6

Setting                                                            2/-6

Shampoo and Setting                                         4/-

Trim, Shampooing and Setting                             4/-6

Cleanse and Make-up                                         2/-6

Face Massage                                                   5/-

Eyebrow Plucking                                               2/-

Manicure                                                          2/-

Camomile Application                                        5/-6

Henna                                                             5/-6

Dyeing and Tinting                                    from 10/6

Violet Ray Treatment                                        2/-6

Kolestrol Treatment and Setting                         7/-6

Kolestrol Treatment Course of six                       37/-6

Permanent Waving                                           17/-6

     “             “       (Eugene)                              21/-

     ”             “       (Superma)                            25/-

     “             “       (MacDonald)                         30/-

The service is complete, and includes the latest hair and facial treatments.

The water is softened by the Permutit method and ensures thorough cleansing of the hair.”

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