Stanborough park

A relaxing spot with activities for all ages

By Margaret H

Stanborough Community park is an 126 Acre site with opportunities for a variety of activities for all ages: sailing-wind surfing-canoeing-kayaking-archery.  South Lake Fishing-café-restaurant and all water sports also nature trail.  North Lakes Rowing boats-childrens playground.  An excellent day out in the summer, also for winter walks.

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  • one of my first weekend jobs was working at the new swimming pool with the glass panel fences and tiled showers. A big improvement over the old wooden sheds and wire baskets. Les at Blunts is one of the reasons I still have a couple of Hornby loco’s sitting on display in my office, obviously Mallard and The Flying Scotsman.

    By Paul davies (24/10/2015)
  • I wonder if anyone else recalls the world model powerboat championship being held at the lakes in the Summer of 1975? The event was called ‘Naviga ’75.

    By Ivor Williams (11/08/2015)
  • Just responding to Andrew John’s comment about the model shop on Longcroft lane in the town centre. I use to visit this model shop occasionally between 1970-75 it sold things like Hornby train sets, model aeroplanes and military modelling books and all things to do with modelling and was quite an interesting shop. I believe this shop closed sometime around 1979-80?. As for Mr.Binge’s prediction about the lake becoming “choked with weeds” he may well have been correct because after attending the opening ceremony in 1970 I don’t recall ever visiting Stanborough lakes again?.

    By Michael S (13/07/2013)
  • Before the park opened I recall the manager of H.A.Blunt model shop in Fretherne Road, Les Binge, predicting (in the Welwyn Times) that the new model boating lake would be choked with weed because the authorities had omitted to provide a concrete floor for the thing. He was right, and personally I’d have listened to his advice as I did on many other technical matters – looking on Google Earth today you can see an impressive bloom of crud still surfacing in 2006. Like Michael S. I was there for the inaugural firework display, this unfolded at a pace which in the 21st century would have brought death for the organisers: Tannoy announcements along the lines of “we’ll have another firework in ten minutes”. Even in 1970 it seemed a bit sparse, but yes, people were having a good time.

    By Andrew John (10/01/2013)
  • I actually recall attending the opening ceremony/festivities back in 1970. I am certain that the festivities were held on a sunny & warm Saturday afternoon that stretched on into the Saturday evening culminating in a huge fireworks display over Stanborough lakes with masses of WGC & Hatfield resident’s in attendance and a good time being had by all there.

    By Michael S (09/12/2012)