Harold Jennings - Piano Tuner to Welwyn Garden City schools

Darren Harte

Harold Jennings was a regular school visitor as a piano tuner in the 1970's & 80's
Darren Harte

Harold Jennings was a regular visitor to the schools in Welwyn Garden City in the 1970’s and 80’s. He tuned the pianos at my school, Commonswood, along with Ivor the Guide Dog. It was always an event when he visited the school to tune the 2 Danemann pianos that graced both the infant and junior school halls. Most of us pupils would want to make a fuss of Ivor the Guide Dog. We would also be fascinated when the front of the piano was removed to reveal the strings inside that Harold would then adjust. The one teacher that I remember that could play the piano was Mrs Eagles.

The 7″ EP record you can see was issued in 1977 to raise funds for Guide Dogs For The Blind.

If you have any memories or can remember the name of the Guide Dog that replaced Ivor, please get in contact.

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  • As a member was opening up the Barn Theatre one night in the late 70s he was stopped in his tracks by the spooky sound of a piano playing. With many tales of a Barn Theatre ghost resonating through his mind, he tentatively switched the lights on room by room as he moved towards the back of the theatre…everything was in darkness yet still the ghostly sounds echoed through the walls. Eventually, close to the sounds, he opened up a creaky door into a dark rehearsal room, flicked on the lights and there, sat playing on the ivories having just tuned the piano was Harold – he had no need for lights!

    Harold was a regular feature at the Barn bar and was involved with sound producing and operation for 16 productions from 1978 -1996.

    See: https://www.barntheatre.co.uk/participants/harold-jennings/

    By John Cook (22/06/2023)
  • Hello, a update for you. Mr Jennings had four guide dogs. First was Ivor. Then Harvey, then Luke and finally Wesley. Hope that helps. I remember Mr Jennings. He was a lovely man. He had a wonderful smile. He tuned the pianos at Harwood Hill school in Welwyn Garden city. It was always a delight for us children to have the dog in school. Early 1970s as I recall. I also remember Mrs A Watkiss who was a brilliant teacher who I have fond memories of playing Daydream believer along with Joseph’s Technicolour dream coat beautifully played and always in tune thanks to Mr Jennings skills as a piano tuner. The Perlee Dutch street organ that was owned by Mr Jennings is now in Letchworth Garden City owned by Mr David Dingwall.

    By Helen Scott-Williams (20/02/2021)
  • Hello the guide dog that replaced Ivor was called Harvey.

    By Helen Scott-Williams (20/02/2021)