Memories of the Howard School, 1966

By Adrian States

Last day at the Howard School 1966. Group Photo. Submitted by Adrian States
Adrian States

This is a photo taken when we left the Howard School in 1966. We were grouped up the stairs that led to the Headmaster’s room. Mr Small was the Headmaster at the time. He always wore his gown. Anyway, in the photo, I am the one in the middle who did not smile; so serious in those days!

Revealing that only four girls had remained studying up to then. A sign of the times. The colleagues I can still remember are: Janet Hamer and Pauline Roe on the left at the front with Philip Humphries, Brian Keeble and Ricky Higson behind.

The teachers were: Mrs Winifred Butler (maths), who wore a bright red jacket and was very enthusiastic. She taught us a mnemonic for memorising parts of a metre from millimetre up to myriametre: ‘men can drive mules down hills kicking madly’.

Other teachers were: Mrs Watkins (History), Miss Cooper (English and my first form teacher), Mr Rudd (Woodwork), Mr Money (Pottery), Mr Longcake (Art), Mr Tickner (Maths), Mr Wheatley (English), Mr Hadfield (P. E) and Miss Smith (in charge of the girls). Perhaps the Deputy Head taught us Geography.

Hope this can encourage other ex colleagues to contribute!

Adrian States

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  • Can you please add my name to the above contribution, just in case an ex colleague is curious as to who sent it!

    Thanks, Adrian States.

    By Adrian States (24/03/2021)