Gosling Velodrome

Cycle track

By Bill M

Photographer Bill Martin took these images of cyclists on the Gosling cycle track in 2008. More images by Bill Martin can be found on Flickr.

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  • My Brother was a Wheeler in the same time as Chris Church and Brandon McKeweo as far as I can remember Colin’s claim to fame was the lead the devil takes the hindemost when they were filming live on grandstand, in the same period I was a member of junior athletics and each year Mary Rand would present the awards to the athletes.

    By Timothy Saunders-Mullins (31/01/2018)
  • Loved your comments. I was a member of Welwyn Athletic Club. Chris Church was my closest friend and we were Best Man at each others weddings. Remained close even after he moved to California me to Canada until he died. Brendan McKeown was a collegue at the Midland Bank. Happy memories

    By John Foster (18/03/2016)
  • I was an extremely keen cyclist in my teens and was a Member of “The Junior Wheelers”, training at the Gosling track, this would have been in the late 1950’s. Unfortunately I wasn’t tough enough to be that competitive and having had a few crashes on the Banking, decided I would stick to cycling on the roads. There were several really good riders in the “Wheelers”, Chris Church was probably the most well known and the charismatic Karl Gough was always around with his amazing sense of humour, what a guy! I can remember the first time I saw Tandem Racing at Gosling, I just couldn’t believe how fast they managed to go! We were so lucky to have this cycling track and in it’s day it was reckoned to be even better than the Hern Hill velodrome. the No.1 cycling venue in the UK. Unfortunately it was never finished as Mr Gosling wanted it to be. His generous legacy ran out shortly after the main Stand was constructed and the remaining planned seating was never built.

    Chris Church racing cyclist, was actually an Olympic cyclist in 1968 and I completely forgot Brendan McKeweon, also an Olympic cyclist in 1968.

    By Richard Bailey (27/02/2016)
  • Laura Trott, a double gold medalist at the 2012 London Olympic Games used to train at Gosling Velodrome. She belonged to Welwyn Wheelers who use Gosling as their base for training and competition.

    By Robert Gill (17/09/2012)