Welwyn Stores

The Football Club 1934-35

By Jean Pestle nee Bray

The team.
Jean Pestle nee Bray

My father and uncle played in this team. My uncle (Jim ‘Ticker’ Bray) was the goalie and my father (Bob Bray) is in the middle row, second from left.

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  • My Parents and Sister moved to WGC in 1940 to enable my Father to take up the position as Staff Manager at the new Welwyn Department Stores, I arrived in 1944 and have spent my life in the Town. The Store Manager was a Mr.Eccles I believe and initially my family had a  flat in Howardsgate before moving to Handside Lane, where I was born. Unfortunately my Mother became very ill which obviously caused a lot of worry to my Father and with the stresses of his new job, he was unable to continue his employment, as he too became ill. I only found out recently that the man who replaced him was the Father of a friend of mine, a Mr Childs. I could write a book about growing up in WGC, maybe one day I will do just that while my memories are reasonably good. 

    By richard bailey (23/01/2016)
  • My Granddad is third from left in the centre row. Man with the big forearms! Jim Humes was his name. 

    By Luke Damon (08/07/2015)