Unidentified house

Photograph in the Local Studies Collection at Welwyn Garden City Library

By Susi Smith

Unidentified house
Welwyn Garden City Library

Can you help identify this photograph?

An impressive house with a distinctive front door. There have been several guesses; Dogwell Green, Warren Way, Pond House.

One thought is, that because of the metal windows, it is not a Welwyn Garden City house at all!

Can you help?

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  • That is not the Garden City at all. That used to sit on the outside of Hatfield train station, to us kids we knew as the haunted house. For the first 9 years of my life, I lived just up the road from the train station. 600 yards up the road from my school was this house that looked very scary (to us children then). It was uninhabited, run-down and dreary. The tale we were always told is that a master criminal used to live there, and that he’d managed to build it after scamming a wealthy nobleman. I have no idea the source of the tale, but that’s what we were always told as pupils at school. Now, it’s been demolished.

    By Thomas Connell (16/02/2015)
  • Elmwood?

    By Jenny McCann (08/10/2013)