Did you work for Studio Lisa?

Please contribute your memories to a new exhibition

Jenny Oxley

The studio
Mill Green Museum
Planting the Jubilee Tree 6 May 1935
Mill Green Museum
14 Parkway
Mill Green Museum
Auxilliary Fire Service 1939
Mill Green Museum

An appeal has been made for people to come forward with memorabilia about Studio Lisa photographic studios for an exhibition to be held at Mill Green Museum in 2012.

  The exhibition will celebrate Studio Lisa a photography studio which moved to 14 Parkway in March 1934 and was run by James and Lisa Sheridan.  The studios produced pictures for the local press, commercial photography and portrait work.   

They had a key role in recording the growth of Welwyn Garden City and were inspired by its architectural beauty.  Lisa Sheridan was once quoted as saying “for domestic pictures, the Garden City was an ideal place.”   

In the late 1930s, Studio Lisa was famously awarded the Royal warrant for producing many informal photographs of the Royal Family.  The company’s offices later moved to London.    The Sheridan’s daughter Dinah made her film debut in 1937 and has since starred in many film and television productions including 29 Acacia Avenue (1945) and Genevieve (1953).          

 The exhibition at Mill Green Mill & Museum will feature photographs produced by the studios, as well as original documents and memorabilia.     

Jenny Oxley, Curator at Mill Green Museum, would like to hear from people who have memorabilia, such as photographs, documents and objects related to the history of Studio Lisa, which they would be willing to donate to the museum or lend for the duration of the exhibition.  

Anyone who may be able to help should contact Jenny Oxley on (01707) 271362 or email j.oxley@welhat.gov.uk or write to her at Mill Green Mill & Museum, Mill Green, Hatfield, Herts, AL9 5PD. 

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  • Hello.
    It has been so lovely to see the pictures of 14 Parkway. They have brought back many memories. Lisa and Jimmy were my Grandparents on my Mother’s side.
    We lived in Potters Bar and as my Mother couldn’t drive, we used to walk to Welwyn Garden City along the railway path. I was always excited.
    My Grandparents used to work extremely hard and I was left to enjoy the house, garden and Wendy house. I used to sit for ages watching the frogs and tadpoles in the pond. The beautiful white Doves also fascinated me as they flew in and out of the dovecote at the end of the garden. There was always a tree in the hall at Christmas y that started the excitement. My brother and I were taken to Welwyn Department Store, across the road to meet Father Christmas. Inside we would walk along a corridor to sit in a sleigh. Thinking back, the background must have moved, but to us it felt like we were travelling. After meeting Father Christmas we came out of the store and young as I was, I couldn’t work out how we were so close to the entrance.
    My Aunt Dinah Sheridan lived just a little way along the road and I remember starting there with my brother and cousins while we all suffered German measles.
    I have many many fond memories of those days, the house and studio. My cousins, Jenny Hanley and Jeremy Hanley went on to their own fames from those days.
    Apart from the Royal photography, there were many other art forms created including we 4 Grandchildren being photographed. I was photographed for Glaxo and was the Glaxo baby.
    Thank you for this chance to have such lovely memories.
    I do believe that due to the importance of the Royal photography and efforts of my Grandparents t that a blue plaque mounted on the house would be very much in order and a lasting declaration to their amazing lives.
    I don’t know how to go about applying for that I would be grateful for any advice on that.

    By David Reeve (22/09/2023)
  • I was one of Studio Lisa’s models in 1950s. I have a few photos and a letter from her asking for certain types of clothes to be brought with me

    By Pam Pasotti (29/01/2022)
  • I did work for Studio Lisa and have a few photo’s if you would like me to send images.

    By Frances (05/07/2020)
  • Dear Frances
    Many thanks for the offer of material. Jenny Oxley no longer works for Mill Green Museum, but I expect the new curator, Emma Harper would be interested in receiving these for their collections. You can reach her by emailing museum@welhat.gov.uk
    [Thanks, Ed]

    By Marion Hill (14/07/2020)