Hatfield Aerodrome

Construction using Dawnay steel.

By Susan Hall

Hatfield Aerodrome
Welwyn Times

The photo appeared in advert for Archibald D. Dawnay and Sons Ltd Steelworks, on 21 September 1933 page 5.

It shows Hatfield Aerodrome under construction using a steel frame

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  • I found you! It’s really moving to see the pictures and enjoy them! I was there for about four months, when my father was learning, at The Havilland, about a new plane to be bought by Aerolíneas Argentinas, the Comet 4. We stayed at a beautiful sort of cottage and motel owned by Addie and John Forsythe, a lovely couple who made me feel as if I were their grandchild. It was about 1956 or 57, I was 9 or 10 years old. I believe they were Americans or Canadiens, I’m not sure. I still keep a book Addie bought for me when we left, with her loving words on it, and also some films my father made at Welwyn. I loved the woods sorrounding the village, I’ll never forget Welwyn! I hope to return some day, and visit amazing London and Sherwood Forest and B. Shaw’s house and all the beauty of your country. Regards María Cristina By María Cristina Oleaga (20/02/2013)

    By Jennifer McCann (09/01/2014)