Murphy Radio Sports Day 1931

Ankle Competition

By Susi Smith

The ankle competition at Murphy Radio's Sports Day
Welwyn Garden City Library

What a great photograph!

I came across it whilst researching another enquiry at Welwyn Garden City Library, and could not help but add it to the website as it made me smile.  Murphy Radio held annual sports days for its employees which included many interesting events, including the annual ankle competition. This photograph was taken in 1931 and all competitors seem to be having a great time.

If you do recognise an ankle or two, please let us know!

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  • My father worked at Murphy Radios in the 1950s and I well remember going to the annual ankle competition which was on the green at Parkway, where this photo is also taken. I happen to recognize three of those faces:

    1. 8th face from left and 9th face from right is Mrs Brand who lived on Attimore Road. She worked as secretary to my dad (Director of Fitting Department), but in the 1960s she worked at Bickipegs.

    2. 7th face from left worked in Parkway Restaurant at Welwyn Stores, but I can’t remember her name. She had a son who was a barman at The Woodman, and would see her with her husband having a pint or two on Saturday nights.

    3. 5th face from right is Miss Pickering. She was Irish, and in about 1958 she moved to a council place near Haymeads. Think she had an illegitimate daughter who lived at Ludwick Way.

    By George Boston (15/11/2015)
  • My Parents both worked for Murphy Radio and took part in all the sports events, I think my Mother is in the centre of the photo (ankle competition) her maiden name was Butterworth. She was one of the early residents of W.G.C. She has recently passed away aged 99!

    By Sue Bastyan(nee Field) (13/04/2011)