Shredded Wheat Factory

Waiting for re-development

By Llinos Thomas

The Shredded Wheat Factory, dominates the centre of Welwyn Garden City. Now, as it sits waiting for re-development, it’s easy to forget that it was once bustling with activity and had a thriving social life for the people who worked at the factory.

The photographs below are by Liam. You can view more of his photographs of the Shredded Wheat Factory and other buildings on Flickr.

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    The shredded wheat shunter now fully restored as it left the Fowler works in 1934. It is now operational at the Mid Suffolk Light Railway (MSLR) , looks fantastic and runs very well. See MSLR website for photos and information.

    By Neal Davis (16/07/2019)
  • Hi all
    The shredded wheat shunter is currently nearing a total restoration at our premises in Norfolk, it is destined to go to the mid Suffolk Light Railway before June. If anyone requires more info including its complete history please contact me.

    By Neal Davis (27/02/2019)
  • Hi, yes I’m working on a project about the shunter, I have quite a lot of information for the display, more is very welcome.

    By anthony heale-barton (02/09/2016)
  • Did the Shredded Wheat factory have its own shunter?    If not the regular shunting engine at WGC in the ‘Fifties was Class N7 0-6-2 tank, no 69678.   

    Eventually that was replaced by an 08 diesel.

    By Robstan (20/08/2016)
  • I worked in the rail section downstairs on the far left of the massive Nabisco building for about 10 years.   The railway line was specified for Nabisco delivery time which was from 7:00 to 7:30 every morning and also at 7:20 to 7:45 in the evening.   Me and four others lifted the shunter line out of the shed you describe  (green & shabby) and ran to the main railway line.   We had to wait for the signalman’s instructions that we could cross and then we laid the shunter line down.    We used to get four continuous deliveries to our shunter line, so the guys lifting the flour from the wagons had to do it quickly.   We also had two automatic cranes to help after 1957.  

    We could have deliveries during the day but instead of laying the shunter line, which would interfere with the normal rail services, the trains then had to use the disused Hertford branch line and then northbound up to Stevenage from Hertford.   

    Very happy days!

    By Richard Milton (15/08/2016)
  • Can anyone remember the little shunter they used on the rail lines by the station. I believe it was kept in a shed built on to the side of the main factory building.

    By Ivor Williams (09/08/2016)