Shredded Wheat Packaging


By Susi Smith

1960s packaging

A trip to the Goodwood Revival and a stop at their 1960s Tesco to search for some Welgar Shredded Wheat. And there it was…great packaging!

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  • l thought you might be interested, l have two magazines dated May 1903 and july 1903 the magazines are called “The British Monthly” and they both have pull out leaflets advertising ….Shredded Wheat …..which are brightly coloured with an old man in a chair and a young boy with a plate or shredded and have the wording “a funny biscuit”. l could send you copies……….Pete Chapman

    By pete chapman (19/11/2017)
  • Oh happy days – the Shredded Wheat packets! All of us loved our Shredded Wheat in the morning before we went off to school & work, and we bought ours from Welwyn Stores. They were 2d a box, and ever so tasty!! One of my uncles, when he came to stay for the week, tasted Shredded Wheat for the first time at our house and he loved it. In the end, he ended up buying 5 packets to take home for him. Hopefully I remember right that the Welgar Shredded Wheat factory was on Broadwater Road on the corner junction of Bridge Road East by the Hunter’s Bridge, and the arch I used to love as we were passing by.

    By George Boston (17/09/2015)
  • I liked the packaging in the days when there was a picture of the Shredded Wheat factory on the box. When it was officially Welgar Shredded Wheat.

    By Robert Oakhill (29/09/2013)