Welwyn Garden City Special Constabulary 1940

Constabulary photograph

By Jack Moulder

Photo donated to the MIll Green Museum by Special Chief Inspector Livock (retd)
Welwyn Hatfield Museum Service

Back Row, L-R: 1) G. Gearing, 2) Walker, 3) P. Stirling, 4) Wagner, 5) B. Clayden, 6) Baines  

Middle Row, L-R: 1)A. Mitchell, 2) J. Restall, 3) C. Wilkins, 4) C. Wood, 5) R. Hitchens, 6) Toogood, 7) E. Lines  

Front Row, L-R: 1) Valentine, 2) D. Ackroyd, 3) C. Dudman, 4) T. Wagner, 5) Taylor, 6) Dellor, 7) J. Livock

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  • This story is regarding my father-in-law:-Middle row 5) B Clayden. During WW2 the stock pile of railway sleepers that were stored along the line in WGC, in case the line needed repairs, kept disappearing. Bertie Clayden and his mate we given the task of making sure that these sleepers were kept safe. It was not surprising that non of them ever disappeared again, since the main culprits were the ones who had now been sent to guard them. Obviously there was a suspicion of who the guilty parties were and the tables were turned on them very neatly. A pity though, the sleepers made very good fire wood. Bertie James Clayden died on 13th September 1967 never having been caught, maybe he had to answer to St Peter.

    By Jan Clayden (15/01/2011)

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