Haldens Shopping Parade

What's changed? Comparing 1970 and 2010

By Susan Hall

Haldens Shopping Parade
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
Haldens Shopping Parade
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
Haldens Shopping Parade 21 November 2010
Susan Hall
Haldens Shopping parade 21 November 2010
Susan Hall

The photos of Haldens Shopping Parade were taken in 1970’s and 2010.

In the first photo the shops in the 1970’s were:

Fine Fare Supermarket

Kershaw Hardware

Chemist and Sub Post Office



Possibly a Wool shop


(More shops past the bakers were, Co-op supermarket then the rent office.)

The same row in 2010 (third photo) are:

Nisa Supermarket

Ladbrooks bookmakers

Lloyds Chemist


Martins Newsagents

Raj Gardens Indian restaurant/takeaway

(More shops past the Indian are, the Bakers, Chinese Takeawy, Chinese Restaurant, Carpet shop.)

In the second photo the shops in the 1970’s were:

(Fine Fare Supermarket)

Haldens Fisheries

Carley’s Fish Reataurant

Ken Green Motor Cycles

Midland Bank

Off licence

Mayflower Public House

The same row in 2010 (fourth photo down) are:

(Nisa Supermarket)

Haldens Fisheries

Zips N Clips Haberdashers

Tiffins Hairdressers

Beautyworks tanning and beauty salon

Cakes and sugarcraft

Mayflower Public House

You can also see that the advertising dome has gone in 2010.

There are a lot more cars around in 2010 and the shopping parade is a thriving area of Welwyn Garden city.





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  • The Hairdressers was called HI-STYLE. FYI

    By Nigel (05/08/2021)
  • My parents owned the Hairdressers both Ladies and Gents, so if you ever had your hair cut, it would have been by them.

    By Nigel. (03/08/2021)
  • Was there ever a butchers shop at Haldens?

    By Shaun Mitchell (07/07/2020)
  • Does anyone remember a supermarket or small shop with a daisy logo in the late 1960s? It was possibly at Haldens or Panshanger shops as we lived in Panshanger. It’s driving me mad because I was 2 and a half and have very vague memories of this shop and I have noone left in the family to ask. I also have a vague memory of one of those wind vanes where the man is chopping the wood and that was possibly being sold at the Kershaw’s hardware shop? and I saw as I was going into the supermarket next door.

    By Jennifer (03/06/2020)
  • I worked at Kershaw’s between about 1975 and 1979. I remember Harry and Violet with fondness. I last saw Harry on a walk around 1993.

    By Michael (31/03/2018)
  • My dad’s shop at Haldens was Kershaws Hardware, my maiden name. I like to think Dad kept a good stock including Paraffin, wallpaper, paint, crockery etc. He had the shop I think, between the mid 1960s to maybe the early 80s – can’t be certain of the dates. He also at some time owned the Hardware shop at Shoplands. My mum worked in the shop too.

    By Sue Bradford (02/02/2018)
  • I lived in knightsfield since 1959 and got my first moped from ken green in 1973 a Garelli Tiger cross does anyone know what happened to ken? i think his brother was the mechanic.

    By David Brown (07/08/2015)
  • I lived near Shoplands, but Haldens was where I was taken to get my hair cut in the 1960’s and 1970’s. 

    In 1976 I bought my first motorcycle from Ken Green himself, a year later it needed an MOT – the test was different to today, involving checking the lights worked then the mechanic rode the bike up and down the yard at the back as fast as he could go towards a wall to check the brakes worked – the test is a little more rigorous today.

    By Rob Jerams (16/04/2015)
  • I had a secondary school friend that use to live in Haldens back in the late 1960s & early 1970s and apart from visiting the area a couple of times it wasn’t an area of WGC that i knew to well. I vaguely recall walking a long the Haldens shopping parade around the sametime as the top picture was taken in 1970.

    By Michael S (11/12/2012)
  • I moved to Rosedale when I was nearly 2 years old. My first memories of the shops at Haldens are Mayflower Pub, Off Licence, Midland Bank, Ken Green Cycles and Motorcycles, Carleys Fisheries, Kays Supermarket, Kershaws, Chemist/Sub Post Office, Greengrocers, Flynns Newsagents, Mens hairdressers, Ladies Hairdressers, Haberdashery, Co-op and the rent office. The owner of the haberdashery turned it into the bakery at a later date.

    By Jane P (06/02/2011)