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By Daphne Knott

This is an aerial photograph of the opening day of Welwyn Department Stores.

Do you remember this? Perhaps you or one of your family are in this picture!

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  • Interesting to see Mr Childs name mentioned as Personnel Manager as I know his son Colin very well. Neither of us knew that my Father Mr Bailey was Personnel Manager before his Father. Mr Eccles was the store manager in those days. Not sure when my Dad took up his position, I think it was near the opening of the Stores. My Mum, Dad and Sister moved to WGC from Sheffield where my Father was working for BHS at their largest store in the UK. I arrived in 1944 and have lived in WGC ever since. I could tell you all a few tales about “The Big Stores”, what a great place!

    By Richard Bailey (25/01/2016)
  • My mum worked in the hosiery department on haberdashery – she was paid £1 a week for the job (in WWII she was paid 15/-). After I began secondary school, I worked on the weekends at the department stores on the sweets counter, and I was paid 7 shillings a day for my work.

    I was born in 1934, and I do remember the opening of WDS (Welwyn Department Stores). Me, my mum, my dad and my sister all walked to the stores for the opening and it is more than likely we are stood in the picture. It opened (Sunday) September 3, 1939. I remember we arrived approximately 10:45 am and we stood there waiting and as Dad’s watch turned 11 o’clock it was opened.

    By Joseph Peterson (31/03/2015)
  • All the ladies went for coffee at The Stores. I was a child and I remember waitresses in black with frilly aprons, and I used to eat a huge meringue filled with cream while my mother chattered away. There was a mechanical horse in the foyer which you put money in for a ride and it once went wrong and got stuck on ‘on’ and I stayed on it for about half an hour. When we were about 12 we used to go to the record ‘booths’ and ask to listen to a record. Happy days !

    By mackenzie (06/01/2014)
  • My Mother worked in the Store in the early 70’s and was in the Store during the Bomb Alert. I am now nearing 50 and can recall the day vividly.

    By Paul Keys (24/10/2013)
  • I worked in the hardware dept in the store in 1947-1949,the personnel manager was Mr.Childs.During that time my wife (Edith Ziegler) lived with the Coles at 11 Parkfields, Mr Cole during the war was the billeting officer for war workers and also the citizens advice officer.My wife Edith worked at Barclay Corsets until 1949 when she left to join me in Hamilton Ontario,Canada.Edith was part of the Kindertransport from Vienna to Britain just before the war. I have had many memories of our time in Welwyn Garden City, if you are interested in any further information just send me an email. ~Jim

    By James Lowe (22/09/2013)