Shredded Wheat

From Harvest Fields to Breakfast Table

By Susi Smith

Shredded Wheat Recipe Book
Welwyn Garden City Library Ref:P338.476

Shredded Wheat published their own recipe book called From Harvest Fields to Breakfast Table – How Shredded Wheat brings nature’s bounty of health to all, in about 1936. It was presented to visitors of the Shredded Wheat Factory at the end of a tour as a souvenir of their visit.

“We cannot see too many visitors at the Home of Shredded Wheat. We are proud of this beautiful factory of ours in the lovely rural surroundings of Welwyn Garden City, and feel that everyone who eats Shredded Wheat should see it”

The recipe book is full of healthy ways to serve the nation’s favourite shredded wheat, for breakfast, lunch and tea.  Also included are recipes for the infirm, and for babies. Here are just a few…

Shredded Wheat Banana Buns

4 large tablespoons of crumbled Shredded Wheat; 2 large bananas cut very thin; milk; caster sugar.

Mix the Shredded Wheat with half a cup of warm milk; put the bananas in a basin with the Shredded Wheat; beat them up well and roll out; cut up into 3-inch lengths; roll out in caster sugar, and bake until a golden brown in small tins.

Sausage Roll

Scoop out some of the interior of a piece of Shredded Wheat and insert a cooked pork sausage, covered with tomato sauce. Place under the grill; put a slice of good ham or bacon on the top and let it cook quickly.

Cheese and Onion Pie

3 large Spanish onions; 1/4lb of Chedder or Parmesan cheese; Shredded Wheat; butter or margarine; seasoning.

Boil the onions until tender; beat into small pieces; add grated cheese and seasoning. Butter a pie dish, covered by Shredded Wheat, crumbled finely. Fill up with mixture and place in a hot oven for a few minutes. Serve hot.

Invalid Steamed Pudding

Those who are unable to digest steamed puddings made with suet and flour will find the following suitable.

4 cups of Shredded Wheat crumbs; 1 cup of sultana raisins (or other dried fruits, jams, marmalade, syrup, treacle, or preserved ginger can be used); 2 cups of milk (warmed); 1/4 cup (melted) of butter (can be omitted if all fats disagree); 2 eggs; 2 tablespoons of sugar; 1/2 teaspoon (level) of baking powder; 1/4 teaspoon (level) of table salt.

Mix the Shredded wheat crumbs, raisins, sugar, baking powder and salt in steaming bowl; switch eggs, and add milk and butter to eggs; switch again; then stir in to dry ingredients with fork. Cover bowl with greaseproof paper or lid quickly and put immediately into pan of boiling water and steam for one hour.





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