Miss Annetta Ruby Broadwood and Mr Alfred (Dick) Burton,

Lemsford church, 1928

By Susan Hall

Guests at the wedding of Miss Broardwood
Welwyn News

This wedding photo appeared in the Welwyn News of 4 May 1928 page 4 along with the following article:

“The wedding was solomised at Lemsford Church on Saturday of Miss Annetta Ruby Broadwood, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J Broadwood, of 151 Pear Tree Lane, and Mr Alfred (Dick) Burton, son of Mr. Burton of Peterborough.

The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a dress of white crepe-de-chine and georgette, embroidered with silver and ivory silk, and she carried a bouquet of white roses and carnations.

Mr. J. Broadwood jun., brother of the bride was best man.

The bridesmaids were Miss Winnie Jones, Miss Mary Neale (nieces of the bride), and miss V Goulden, with Masters Royston and Thomas Band (nephews of the bride) as pages.

The bridesmaids wore contrasting dresses of pale pink with lace and silver caps, and bouquets of white carnations and for-get-me-nots. The cheif bridesmaid wore a blue crepe-de-chine dress embriodered with gold, and carried a bouquet of iris. The pages wore suits of ivory satin and lace.

The reception was held at Pear Tree Clubhouse, at which 120 people were present. The cake was decorated with a tennis court and rackets. Good wishes for the bride and bridegroom were expressed by Mr. E. L. Wallace, Mr J. Gray, Mr. Edwards, Mr. D. P. Rudd, Mr. D. McKend, Mr. solomon, Miss F Robson and Mr. Pomeroy.

In the evening dancing and a concert followed, the Maisie Orchestra supplying the music. The presents to the bride and groom were as follows: Bride to bridegroom , a gold ring; bridegroom to bride, fur coat; Bridegoom’s father, Cheque; Bride’s father, eiderdown quilt; brides’ mother, a toilet set.”

There then followed a long list of names of people who gave presents.

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    By Luke Knights (02/04/2022)
  • Wow! Thank you so much for posting this piece. I came across this article online by chance while starting into some family history research. My great-grandfather, Pipes-Major John Broadwood, moved his family from Aldershot to Welwyn Garden City sometime in the 1920’s (I think). This pic is of a Broadwood family wedding. The bride is Netta (Annetta), who was my grandmother’s (Janet Jarrett, nee Broadwood) sister. My grandmother & her husband moved to Jersey before the second world war, but a few of her siblings seem to have settled in/around WGC.

    Any further information would be welcome. Many thanks from Dublin, Ireland. Sean R. (seanreynoldsphd@gmail.com)

    By Sean Reynolds (21/05/2012)