Welwyn Stores van crash

The driver declined medical attention

By Susan Hall

Welwyn Stores Van Crash
Welwyn Times 25 August 1938

This picture appeared in the Welwyn Times on 25 August 1938 on page 4. The article appeared on page 1.

                                               ”Five injured in road smash

                                             Van overturns in Bridge Road

                                           Passengers’ miraculous escapes

Although a big Welwyn Stores van was overturned and the entire front of a small car was completely wrecked in a road smash near the Shredded Wheat factory on Monday afternoon, none of the six people concerned was seriously hurt.

The car, which was an 8 H.P.model, was emerging from Broadwater Road when it collided with the van, which was travelling down Bridge Road, away from the station.

The force of the impact smashed the car radiator, buckled the front axle and wheels, tore the rearside door from its hinges, and ripped off the woodwork from the dashboard, and the car swivelled round until it faced the opposite direction.

                                                      Van overturned

The van itself careered about 20 yards along Bridge Road East, finally toppling over on its nearside on to the grass verge. The front casing above the driver burst open and the position of the vehicle caused the petrol to flow freely from the tank into the roadway.

The car, driven by owner, Mrs Hardy, of 51 The Woodlands, Beulah Hill, Upper Norwood, London, contained five people, including her son. Russell. The others were were Mrs Ida Pitts and her two daughters Ida and Freda Pitts, of The Cafe, 115 London Road, St Albans. Immediately after the collison, all five were taken into Welwyn Garden City Laundry, where they recieved first aid treatment until the arrival of the Garden City ambulance.

                                                           Minor Injuries

They were then conveyed to the Cottage Hospital, and after examination were removed to the home of Mrs Pitts at St Albans. Mrs Pitts received minor injuries to the left leg and shoulder, and her daughters sustained minor injuries and cuts. Mrs Hardy received minor injury to the left foot and her son was treated for slight concussion.

The driver of the van, which was hired to Welwyn Stores by Messrs Carter-Paterson. 128 Goswell Road, London. E.C.1, was Mr Harold Jackson, of New Road, Woolmer Green. Dispite the overturning of his vehicle, he was unhurt, and declined medical attention.

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