Newly installed in Handside Lane

Nov 1922 - Monday evening

Residents Handbook
Welwyn Garden City Library

We are so happy in our little house, though it’s far from ready yet.

Our carpets haven’t arrived yet, I haven’t made any curtains, the sitting room is in chaos and your room is packed to the ceilings with things! At least we have the red carpet from the dining room in Paris in our bedroom.

I seem to spend the day trying to organise myself in the kitchen. I think I am getting better, I am generally ready with the meals at the right time. I make biscuits and tarts and huge pans of soup, and even roasts! I burnt two fish so completely the other day that we ended up eating charcoal! The potatoes today were no better!

Today I did an enormous wash which filled the washing line. I am getting so organised, in fact this afternoon I had time to go to St Albans with Mrs Crowley. This evening I am going to sing to a group of Welwyn ladies.

On Sunday we had supper at Major and Mrs Close, she is a delightful red headed American. They have a beautiful large house. Mrs Close is a millionairess, but they are very supportive of friends (Quakers )

Tonight we have a choir rehearsal. All of this activity gives me very little time for sewing curtains, so the world can watch us as though we have invited it into the house.

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