Studio Lisa

From Parkway to the Palace

By Roger Filler

Interior of Studio Lisa, 14 Parkway
Welwyn Garden City Library
An informal photo taken in the garden of 14 Parkway, featuring the Sheridan children, one of which is probably Dinah
Welwyn Garden City Library

Jimmie and Lisa Sheridan built a photographic studio at 14 Parkway to their own specifications in Welwyn Garden City in March, 1934.  Studio Lisa had previously operated from a small studio in Broadstairs and was already well known in the press and advertising world for the illustrations provided for commercial products and for special magazine features.

Royal Commission

They branched out in portraiture and within a short time were taking informal photos of the Royal family. The faces of many local Garden Citizens also achieved nation-wide familiarity on posters and in magazines as they used many locals to act as models.

Dinah Sheridan

However, the most famous of their sitters, was their own daughter Dinah Sheridan, who went on to be a famous actress and married actor Jimmy Hanley. Their son Jeremy was an MP for Richmond and one time Chairman of the Conservative Party. Their daughter Jenny, presented the children’s TV programme Magpie.

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  • My Grandmother was a friend and neighbour of Lisa Sheridan (Studio Lisa) from WGC. I have a collection of beautiful photos taken by Studio Lisa of me and my sisters and mother. Some are studio pictures whilst others are of my mother and sisters on horses. These photos date from the early 1940s

    By Mrs Margaret Macer (24/09/2022)
  • I bought from my local flea market few years ago. A folder marked (Special) Lisa Sheridan Royal family slides(negative strips) issued by the V.I.P CLUB, 8 Russell Gardens London W.14. with typed A3 documentation for each topic section. 1960’s I like to to look at these negative strips from time to time. Intresting Fleamarket find

    By peter Jenkins (08/04/2021)
  • My grandfather was working as an accountant in WGC when he did some modelling for Studio Lisa – including a children’s book -The Bodley Head– The Magic Train. He was the engine driver.

    By Jules (19/09/2018)
  • I was a child model for Studio Lisa. Family history has it that, one of the models was ill so Mrs Sheridan came to my ballet class at Miss Bailey’s studio in Applecroft Lane. From the class I was chosen to be the ‘new’ model. My brother also modelled on occasion. I have some lovely memories and the photos they gave my mother.

    By Frances Dale, (Rudd) (22/04/2017)
  • I was a baby model. I posed with a birthday cake for a piece in Women’s Realm. I was supposed to be celebrating my 1st birthday but was actually only nine months old when the photo was taken. (so pic would have been taken in Nov 1958). I had no idea, until I looked online that Studio Lisa, of Grape St, was famous!

    By Anne Cox (22/02/2014)
  • Whilst in the Navy during the 60’s our ship had a model as our mascot. I have a photo of her from that time on the back it states ‘ Studio Lisa, 13 Grape St. WC’ & a Temple Bar phone no. I am hoping to make contact with this model again after all this time. Her name was Vicky Elliott & she came aboard the ship with her friend Penny Dowding before we sailed for the Med. in 1965. The photo itself had previously appeared in the Daily Mirror which is how eventually became ships pin-up. Many thanks Tony Middleton

    By Anthony Middleton (22/10/2013)
  • My grandfather and a friend were billeted at the Sheridans house between July and November 1941. He used to send photos given to him by the Sheridans of the stars and royalty home to my aunts who would pour over them imagining what it would be like to be a princess, famous, etc. I’m still trying to find these photos and others taken by the Sheridans of my grandfather and his friend in their back garden in uniform on the verandah of a ‘wendy house’ which my aunts recall. I’ve also just obtained a marvellous photo of all the commanding officers of the 8th (Irish Battalion) Liverpool Kings Regiment (my grandfather’s regiment) with a Studio Lisa cover sheet.

    By Michael O'Neil (06/03/2013)
  • My brother Paul (Young) was a model for Lisa from when she spotted him at my school’s fete when there was a baby contest being held. He was 10 months old. My mother was then invited to Lisa’s studio in Parkway with my brother. I was older at nearly 8. My brother’s photograph was advertised on Farley’s Rusks and his photograph was taken at various places around the Garden City until he was about 4. He was often photographed with a young girl whose name was Lindsay. I have happy memories of being at the Studio and watching Lisa take all the photographs of my brother. My mother was paid a fee on behalf of my brother and I received photographs of Prince Charlies and Princess Anne when they were younger.

    By Barbara Bright (06/02/2013)
  • Hi! I have some photographs, informal of the Queen and princess Margaret as children! By Studio lisa at a early age.

    By Mr Terence Hickson (16/04/2012)
  • I was a model of Studio Lisa’s from a very small baby until early teens. ( 1941 – middle fifties) I featured on many advertisements and knitting patterns. My maiden name was Seymour and I am now 70 with three children and six grandchildren and live in St Neots, Cambridgeshire. I have many happy memories of Studio Lisa and her husband and also remember her two daughters Jill and Dinah.

    By Christine Matthews (22/02/2012)
  • I was a child model for Lisa Sheriden from a baby until I was an early teenager. I advertised a number of products and I also appeared on Knitting Patterns. I was also on greeting cards and calendars. I had many photo’s taken with Dinah Sheridan and I still have got lots of the photo’s, taken from the 1940’s onwards. I have the pictures from when they were printed years ago and now I also have them on my laptop. I am now 70 years old and my maiden name was Scoulding. I was born in Welwyn Garden City, but now I live in Borehamwood with my husband Colin and we have been married for 46 years. I have two daughters and four lovley grandchildren. I enjoyed modelling and I can still remember lots about it.

    By Yvonne Hall (23/10/2010)
  • I was a child model for Lisa Sheridan in the early 1940’s featuring in advertising material for baby products.  I can remember she used to put boiled sweets under the corner of the rug I was sitting on to encourage me.  I had photo’s taken with Dinah Sheridan and I still have a calendar with her brushing my hair.  I am wondering if any of these older photo’s are still in existence?   My brother was also a child model featuring on advertising for Emu knitting wools.  He is now 70 and I am 68 and my maiden name was Field.  My modelling ended when my mother had my plaits cut off!!  This all went on towards the end of the war and before Lisa Sheridan became the Royal photographer.  I still have some of the photo’s she took.

    By Sue Bastyan (15/07/2010)