Shredded Wheat

The Wheat

By Roger Filler

The Shredded Wheat factory showing Follys Arch. 1928
Welwyn Garden City Library
Shredded Wheat packing line 1930s
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

“The Wheat” finally ceased production in January 2008, after 73 years in Welwyn Garden City. It brought to an end one of the most closely identified aspects of the Garden City.

There are confirmed stories that King’s Cross booking clerks would be asked for return tickets to Shredded Wheat and the smell of the bakery was something no Garden City resident will forget. For a time the product was even branded “Welgar” Shredded Wheat.

One of the early staff members was Flora Robson, who worked as a Welfare Officer.

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  • I was eating my Nestle shredded wheat this morning when “Welgar” suddenly popped into my head. My wife didn’t believe there was any such word, which is why I’ve found myself here. I’d no idea “Welgar” was a contraction of “Welwyn Garden” though I knew the area vaguely because my elder sister lived in Gravenhurst in the mid 1960s when I was a mere etc,etc.

    By S Callanan (26/11/2023)
  • I didn’t work there. but it was a big part of my diet from the start of production.
    In those days,they were packed in lavers,four across and three high. with sheets of card in between. This card was cut to size to make innersoles for our shoes, This covered the holes, but not so good on wet days!

    By Rose Harris (06/11/2023)
  • My memories of the factory were formed from trains taking me to school in Letchworth in the late 1940s.If my memory serves me right there was an advertising text on the front – Britons make it – it makes Britons.

    By Jason Spencer (16/04/2022)
  • I worked in the payroll in 1977-79. The manager was Richard and the other clerks were Iris, Joan and Beryl. On Wednesdays and Thursdays we would go to the secure room, count the cash and put it in the paypackets then hand it out; women paid Wednesday, men paid Thursday. At break time we would sometimes have hot biscuits off the line.

    By Claire Rogers (11/04/2021)
  • Hi!
    My youngest is doing a school project about the life of a shredded wheat factory worker and what it was like and what the working day included etc. Is there anybody that could help with some of their experiences.
    Greatly appreciated!

    By Danielle Harriman (29/04/2020)
  • But what about the owl???

    By Neil (14/02/2020)
  • I worked there from 1997 until 2005 I was part of the first sensory panel my job was to taste and profile cereal. I worked on many new launches especially Golden Nuggets

    By Jacqueline Wood (27/03/2019)
  • I remember the welfare shredded wheat box had a picture of the household cavalry on the front does anyone know why.

    By Dave schultz (27/02/2018)
  • Does anyone know where the owl went?

    By Neil (04/01/2018)
  • Hi Neil,
    Can you provide more information about the owl please.

    By Robert Gill (10/01/2018)
  • I have yearned for Nabisco to return to its’ Welwyn site since production ceased in 2008.     I have many joyous memories of walking past the factory just to smell the wheat.   I had a night job there in the packaging line for three years, and to see what it has become now is awful. The council or Nabisco should be made to clear it up!!

    By George Boston (20/08/2016)
  • I remember Welgar Shredded Wheat as a young lad. I loved the burnt edges and the crumbs at the bottom of the box [they weren’t wrapped then] I still have my Shredded Wheat today but the taste is not quite the same [I miss the burnt ends]. Back in the 60s I used to deliver tons of sugar to WGC factory and take away my broken shredded wheat in a box, my kids still remember those days. I’m 79 now and living in Australia but still have my Shredded Wheat.

    By Chas and Pam (27/05/2016)
  • My Father is the drummer boy on the Welgar Shredded wheat boxes. His mother worked at the factory and a fancy dress competition was held for the children of the employees. My Father won. He is now 80 years old. His name is Gustafa Andre Scott.

    By Helen Scott-Williams (15/03/2013)
  • I miss the smell of the cereal baking. You always knew you were on your way to the shops in Welwyn Garden City by the smell! My husband used to look at the cereal packet and long to live in WGC as it looked so nice! And now do we live quite near!

    By Marcella Randall (26/01/2010)
  • Flora Robson, mentioned above who became Dame Flora, opened the Campus West complex on 8 December 1973. A plaque commemorating the occasion is located half way up the staircase.

    By Jennifer McCann (24/11/2009)